/ Banking & Finance

The requirements for companies in the financial markets are constantly increasing. Financial and banking crises have led to the regulatory framework becoming increasingly complex, and violations are punished with ever tougher penalties. However, this also offers enormous opportunities in the market for companies that have done their homework. This applies to established banks and insurance companies as well as to innovative fintechs.

We support our clients in all areas of banking, finance and capital markets law. From licence applications, fit & proper trainings, compliance workshops and all matters of supervisory law to representation in court and administrative proceedings. In addition, we design and structure all kinds of financing products for our clients. We work pragmatically, goal-oriented and at fair conditions.


  • Fit & Proper and compliance trainings
  • Support for fintechs and payment service providers
  • Advice on banking, insurance and securities law
  • Design of financial products and product governance
  • Compliance check for the sale of insurance, financial and investment products
  • Representation in judicial and administrative proceedings
  • Structuring of financial products, financing and securitisation